Tomas Settell

Our Families. Our Community. Our Future. 

As a single father, I take my faith and family values seriously. While my personal journey has its own twists and turns, I want you to know that your voice and your story are valuable and can make a difference. Our families shape our communities, and our communities shape our world. We are in this together—and together, not only can we make a difference, but we can be the difference!

.  .  .  .  .  .

Tomas has resided in the community for 14 years. He has been a local small business owner for 17 years; working as an Integrative and Functional Medicine Health Coach, and has been a Gymnastics Coach for 25 years.

Major Settell has served the last 25 years, volunteering in the Civil Air Patrol, the official Auxiliary of the United States Air Force, in which he has served as a Cadet Orientation Pilot and Search and Rescue Mission Pilot.


Ed Iannarella

President Stonehenge Consulting Group

I first met Tomas as an attendee at a 5 day seminar I conducted for Hilton Hotels about a decade ago, and I've interacted with him on numerous occasions since. If integrity, enthusiasm, and intelligence are of interest to you, there are few in my life experience as worthy of my utmost praise as Tomas. He is pure of intention, so very easy to communicate with, and as honest as one can ever hope for. Multi-lingual, talented in so many areas, inquisitive and helpful by nature are just some of the many positive attributes that make up his persona. Whether seeking a business relationship or a social one with him, or if you're searching for a trusted mentor, look no further than Mr. Settell, a true good guy in a world needing more like him!